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Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Independence Day!  What a great day.  I’m able to write about big girls falling in love and you’re able to read it because of the great men and women that declared independence from a tyrannical king over 200 years ago.  America isn’t perfect but our liberties make us special and today is a great day to remember that. 😀

Rock and Roll Curves - Love Her 2 Times BlogWhile I’ve got your attention, I want to give everyone a little preview of the upcoming sequel to Rock & Roll Curves.  I have had a working title of ‘On Tour’ but that has changed.  These stories take me by surprise sometimes and this is one of them.  Now it’s called Rock & Roll Curves – Love Her 2 Times.  This story is shocking with twist and turns even I didn’t see until I wrote them.  My editor couldn’t sleep after reading it because she was so tied up in knots.

Love Her 2 Times should be out the week of the 15th.  There is a third part planned called 3rd Time’s the Charm.  That will be out in August.  Happy 4th of July.  Eat too much, watch some fireworks and be happy.



Rock & Roll Curves Goodness!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves, as the first in a series, is going on sale for 99 cents!  Yay!  Tell your friends, lovers, rock star boyfriends, your mom, everyone.  Rock & Roll curves has been a great success and I’m so thankful to all my readers for making it so.  You guys rock (pun intended)!!!  So this leads me to the second part of this post.  Rock & Roll Curves 2.

Except its not call part 2.  It’s called Rock & Roll Curves – On Tour.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this story gets deliciously complex in On Tour.  Why?  Well all I’m going to say is that our heroine Darcy smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. What’s hotter than two sexy rock stars fighting over a sexy plus-sized girl?  Well, you’re going to find out it just a couple of weeks.

No hard release date yet.  Lot’s of summer stuff going on and my editor is busy as well.  It will be out before I go on vacation in late July, however.  And speaking of July, have a safe and spectacular Independence Day!  Happy Birthday, America!!!

A Preview of a Different Kind of Story

Sapphic Curves Blog CoverI’m out of town on a little vacation so I thought I’d post this before I left to whet your appetite for my next release.  This one is different and I’ve hinted at it in previous post.  Sapphic Curves is the story of a young women, she’s a virgin, overweight and rather introverted.  She’s a librarian and loves to read and travel.  She surrounds herself with adventure, but never really lives it.  She’s content to spectate.

That life is turned upside down when a sexy woman comes onto her, wondering why our heroine is hiding her beauty and telling her she can see the “wild bitch” inside of her.  Well, excitement gets the best of our heroine and she finds herself in bed with the attractive lesbian but afterwards she can’t handle the feelings and confusion that generated and thing go awry.

This story isn’t finished but I’ve got the plot in my head.  The real message is that love doesn’t always happen the way you plan and is sometimes found in the most unexpected places.  I know many of my readers are probably not into girl on girl sex but I hope you’ll give this one a chance.  It’s kind of a thought experiment.  Could a straight woman fall for another woman?  Could love be stronger than sexual orientation?

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my bad boys like Dutch, Gage or James but sometimes I just need to indulge my wacky ideas.  Again, I hope you give this one a chance.  If it’s not your thing, maybe you will like the story.  Maybe you, like the heroine, will find love somewhere you didn’t expect it.  Maybe you just like a good love story.  In any case, expect Sapphic Curves in mid June.

Happy Reading!!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Rock Hard Bliss Cover BlogI have been hard at work on Rock Hard Bliss and I’m happy to say it is in its final stages of editing.  Part 3, the finale, should be out by this time next week.  This part brings the entire story full-circle.  More peril, more romance and more than a few surprises.  This is a rousing finish to an epic romance, almost 90,000 words in total.

I know many of you have been waiting for this and I’m glad to finally be finished.  I really love this series and the characters but finishing this series is satisfying.  I’m not opposed to revisiting the characters in the future if there’s enough support.  If you love the series and characters, spread the word.  In any case, I’ve got many more stories in me.  Keep checking for new releases or make it easy on yourself and sign up for my newsletter (click the button to the right).

Keep reading!!

A Little Sunday Housekeeping

Just a few notes about Cameron Romance and the blog.  First off, I have begun a mailing list.  You can join by clicking here or using the link to the right.  I promise I wont be sending out spam and I won’t be pestering you constantly filling up your box…your email box that is.  Geez, I sound like an oversexed biker or rock star 😉  Its a great way to find out about new releases, sales and freebies without having to check out the blog daily.   In fact, I’ll send the first five subscribers a free copy of my next book!

Next, the pages at the top labeled Rock Hard Series and Big Girls & Bad Boys are now full of content.  Links to my books (I’ve got Amazon and will be getting the other stores up soon), descriptions and cover art.  As new books are published they will end up on those pages.  If you aren’t sure if you’ve read all of my books, that’s the best place to check and see what’s available.

Speaking of new books, here’s a run down of what is in the works.  First off, I’ve written a sequel to Softail Curves and I’ve plotted out a third volume that will tie up the story.  These, like the first one, are a roller coaster ride with things I promise you won’t expect, in the bedroom and out.

Next, I’m gearing up to begin writing the third installment of the Rock Hard series, Rock Hard Bliss.  I’ve got a general plot and some interesting subplots.  This installment will finish the story arc, but I’ve got some more plans for the characters beyond Part 3.  We’ll see how things go, but Rock Hard Bliss is planned for an April release, pushed back a bit due to the unexpected success of Softail Curves.

A new title in the Big Girls & Bad Boys collection is about half done.  It’s called Santa Cruz Curves (I’ve got a titling theme going there).  This one involves a plus-sized black girl from Chicago who winds up in Santa Cruz, California and draws the interest of a local surfer.  She’s a fish out of water, so to speak, with a secret past she doesn’t want to talk about.  Cody, our surfer, isn’t as intense as Dutch, but he’s still trouble…in a good way.

Finally, I’ve got a full-length novel in the works.  No idea when it might be finished (or started for that matter) but it involves and American girl working in Cuba in the late 1950’s and a Cuban cigar tycoon that are caught up first with the mob and then the Cuban Revolution.  That’s all you get for now.

So, that’s it.  You’re up to date on the happenings around Cameron Romance.  As always, I’m so appreciative of my fans.  I’m so happy my books are being enjoyed and I hope to keep entertaining my fans, both existing and those to come.  Over and out!

News: Rock Hard Love is on Sale for 99 cents!!

My firstRock Hard Love Cover Blog Part 1 novel, Rock Hard Love, is on sale in celebration of Part 2 being released very soon.  Now you can get over 28,000 words of rock star goodness for only 99 cents.  And as a special gift to my fans, Part 2, entitled Rock Hard Envy, will be priced at only $2.99.  There are lots of other authors out there asking a lot more for their books but I’d rather sell a lot of books and let as many people as I can read my stories.

For those interested in a sneak peak at Rock Hard Envy, here goes.  A month has passed and Simone has fallen for James.  However, trouble isn’t far away when Jame’s ex-wife appears and starts wedging herself between Simone and James.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Victoria, affectionately known as The Fraulein, is causing trouble for Simone’s new job as Battery’s agent and she’s managing to stay a step ahead of our heroine and her rock star boyfriend.

I enjoyed writing Rock Hard Envy as much as I did Part 1.  The characters seem like family now and I want to see James and Simone survive as badly as anyone.  But boy, I’m making it tough. 😉  I promise Rock Hard Envy will leave you weak in the knees and wanting more and you’ll be surprised at the twists and turns.  Like dating a rock star, Rock Hard Envy is a bumpy but very fun ride.

Rock Hard Envy – Part 2 is in the Can!

Rock Hard Envy Cover BlogI’m excited to announce that I’ve finished the first draft of Rock Hard Envy, the follow up to Rock Hard Love.  I love the story.  It’s got plenty of conflict, more hot sex and a brand new villain.  I’m not giving much away now, but If you liked Rock Hard Love, you’ll love Rock Hard Envy.

So now the draft is off for editing, then rewrites and more editing.  It stands at over 28,000 words and I’m guessing the final draft will come in at well over 30,000.  Thanks to everyone that made Rock Hard Love a success and have allowed me to write the follow up.  I’m really excited about releasing part 2 and beginning work on part 3.

When I have a firm release date, I’ll let everyone know, but it’s looking like mid to late February.  Know that I’m working hard to get Hard Rock Envy out as soon as I possibly can.