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Back to Work Here at Cameron Romance

Just back from a short trip with the family and ready to get at it.  I know it’s a long way from autumn but it’s already beginning to feel like things are changing.  Kids are headed back to school in a couple of weeks, days are already noticeably shorter and things are moving and shaking here at Cameron Romance.

exclusiveFirst off, I’m working on plans to start a super-secret society for my fans.  OK, maybe that’s dramatic so let’s just call it a street team.  It’s a member’s only club, won’t cost a dime to join and you’ll get all kinds of special perks like free books, a members only Facebook page and maybe even swag…yes, swag!  In return, I’m going to ask that members write reviews, Facebook and Tweet about releases, etc.  I’m still working on the details but expect more news in the coming weeks.  I’m really excited to have a way to give my fans something special and hope you are too.

Big Girl Biker Cover BlogNext up, I’m shooting for a late august release of Rock & Roll Curves – 3rd Times the Charm, the third installment of that series.  It’s plotted and writing will begin next week.  I’ve also got a real honest to goodness romance novel in the works.  It’s a called Cold Comfort and I’m hoping to have it out in October/November.  Lastly, I’m developing some more stories for my popular Big Girls & Bad Boys collection.  Stay tuned for more news on that!

Lastly, I was mentioned on Heroes & Heartbreakers in an article by Sage Spelling entitled “Plus-Sized Heroines and the Heroes Who Can’t Get Enough of Them.”  Sage featured “Softail Curves.”  Thanks, Sage!  Readers should check out heroesandheartbreakers.com.  They’ve got all kinds of good stuff on romance of all kinds.  That’s all for now.  Home the rest of your summer is uber-fantastic!

Happy Reading!!


Back to My Roots!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogI’ve laid a few eggs.  Produced a few duds.  I can admit that.  I like to experiment and sometimes things aren’t as exciting to my readers as they are to me.  So sue me!  But this time, I’ve gone back to what started it all for me, or rather the two whats that started it all.  Rock Hard Love and Softail Curves.  With that in mind, I’ve written something that combines the best of both and that is called, Rock & Roll Curves.

This story has the big girl, the bad boy rock star, the amazing sex and the great story.  At nearly 20,000 words, Rock & Roll Curves is everything any self respecting reader of erotic romance would want in a story.  If I do say so myself, the sex is the most inspired I’ve yet written.  It’s sexy, rough, immediate and so satisfying.  The girl is sassy, yet somewhat insecure.  The male lead is strong and in control.

Rock & Roll Curves is due out this week!  I’ll post when it is available but I’m shooting to have it on sale the biggies (Amazon, B&N and All Romance) on Wednesday.  I’m really excited about this.  If you enjoyed Simone and James in the Rock Hard series or Shauna and Dutch in Softail Curves, you’re going to love this.  My beta readers raved about it and I hope you love it as much as they did.

Happy reading!!

New Release – Pitching Curves

Pitching Curves Cover BlogI’m happy to announce the release of my latest novella, Pitching Curves.  I didn’t expect this story to turn into such a long book, but it just kept flowing.  I expected a 15k story and ended up at nearly 30,000 words.  Thing is, I’ve got all kinds of ideas that just didn’t make it into this story.  I could have kept going, I suppose, but the story I wanted to tell was at an end.  I hope this one takes off so I can write a sequel or two.  It’s in your hands now.

Penny thought she was happily married, at least until she found her husband screwing his sexy redheaded intern. Now she finds herself alone, depressed and raising two teenagers while her ex is having the time of his life with his new girlfriend. One chance encounter leads to another and Penny is stunned to find herself in the arms of a hot, young man. Steve is almost young enough to be her son but he makes her feel so good. He’s a Major League pitcher with a bad boy reputation and has a thing for older gals with curves. But just when everything seems to be going well, Penny’s ex begins to stir up trouble that could spell disaster for everyone involved.

I love the interaction between the lead characters.  It’s fun, easy and sexy.  I think this story is…wait for it…one of my favorites.  Heck, they’re all my favorites.  I wrote them.  Pick up a copy at your favorite retailer today and don’t forget to post a review if you enjoy the story.  Tell your friends, coworkers and everyone you know on Facebook (well, maybe not your aunt at the convent 😉 ).  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to find out about all my releases and more!!

Happy Reading!

Pitching Curves – Out Later This Week!

Pitching Curves Cover BlogI resolved to get two titles out this month and I’m failing miserably.  But I have an excuse, no really.  I began writing what I thought would be a 15,000 word title and it turned into nearly 30,000.  That titles is called Pitching Curves.

I’ve ditched the young, big girl meets young, bad boy and opted for the older, curvy divorcee meets bad boy instead.  In this case, she caught her husband screwing his sexy intern and now a year later she’s beginning to heal.  Then she spies a hot guy at the pizza parlor who catches her staring.  He happens to be a Major League pitcher and…well, you can find out later this week.

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves is all but written too.  See, I’ve been busy!  This one should make it out by the end of the month.  It’s not Simone and James.  This one has its share of rock star sex, but the story is totally different.  If this doesn’t make it out by the 31st, expect it in very early June.  Of course, both titles will be announced on here once they are for sale.  If you want to know directly, sign up for my newsletter.  The link it over to the right.

Happy Reading!!

Softail Curves III – A Satisfying End to a Classic Tale

Softail Curves III Cover BlogSoftail Curves III is available for sale (except on Apple which always takes several weeks for some reason).  This marks the end of the tale of Shauna and Dutch and brings their relationship full circle.  I’m so happy to have finished this series and to have the entire story in the hands of my readers.  The story is over 20,000 words and in total, the series is over 50,000 words!  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

When Dutch suddenly professed his love and asked Shauna to marry him, she wanted to accept.  However, the fear and doubt took over and now Shauna finds herself alone and back in her old life having told Dutch they are through. Her old friend Becky tries to set her up with another guy but he’s nothing compared to Dutch.  Shauna still can’t bring herself to go back to the biker with the sexy blue eyes though.  Her fears and pride won’t allow it.  Dutch, however, isn’t going to go down without a fight for the woman he loves.  Can he convince Shauna she’s the love of his life and can she shed her doubts and accept Dutch’s proposal?

As part of the launch of Softail Curves III, the original Softail Curves is on sale again for only 99 cents.  Tell everyone you know and get them hooked on the the love affair between a curvy uptown girl and a bad boy biker.  If you love the books, help others find them by leaving a positive review.  Reviews help let readers know what’s worth reading and let’s authors know what their fans like.  Thanks!

Happy Easter!

It’s Easter and April is upon us.  Wow!  How time flies.  I wanted to wish my readers a happy Easter and let everyone know whats going on.  I’ve been busy with some personal issues that have kept me away from my keyboard more than I like, but things are going well and I’m gearing up again.

Softail Curves III Cover BlogSoftail Curves III is written and being edited.  It should be out very soon.  This ties up the trilogy and comes in at a satisfying 20,000 words.  It’s got a lot of drama, some very exciting sex and a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Rock Hard Bliss is my focus now.  I’ve got a couple of chapters finished and I should have a first draft done in early April.  The focus shift from the internal struggles between Simone and James to the external conflict caused by Vicky, The Fraulein.  Again, this book will finish the series.

Finishing both of these will let me focus on new projects.  Some more titles in my Big Girls & Bad Boys collection, another novel, and a few ideas that are just beginning to take shape.  I’m excited to get into some new stories and explore some new characters and relationships.

I’m also pleased to say that Santa Cruz Curves had been in and out the Top 100 of the African American/Romance category and is currently still on the Hot New Release list in that category.  I know I said my books would be in the erotica category in a previous post, but because SCC is interracial, it warranted the special treatment.

Santa Cruz Curves…Like Totally, Dude!

Santa Cruz Curves Cover BlogSanta Cruz Curves is out and available for purchase just about everywhere or will be very soon. (Apple will be a week or so 😦 ).  This is the third book in my Big Girls & Bad Boys series and then second original story (the other two are Softail Curves I & II).  This one is a little different.  The big girl is not only curvy, but African American (black, if you will) and the bad boy isn’t rough and dominant.  He’s what you would expect from a surfer.  Laid back and a little kinky.

Nina is out of her element.  Santa Cruz, California is the last place the curvy black girl from Chicago ever expected to end up and she doesn’t feel like she fits in.  Even less likely is the sexy local surfer, Cody, who takes an immediate liking to her lush body and chocolate skin. Cody is your typical laid-back California surfer with a taste for big, shapely girls like Nina.  She can hardly believe the things he wants her to do in the back of his VW bus or how eager she is to do them.  Cody makes her feel sexy and desirable in ways no man back home ever managed.  He makes her feel like she fits in out west.

However, Nina isn’t in California by choice.  She’s running from her past and that past, her ex-boyfriend Lucas, just showed up to drag her back to Chicago.  Is Cody interested enough to stand up to Lucas or will Nina have to deal with her obsessive ex on her own?

Santa Cruz Curves is a different take on the whole bad boy erotic romance but that doesn’t mean Cody is any less sexy or the story is any less satisfying.  I hope you enjoy the story and I warn you, this one has a few surprises.  Get your copy today at your favorite retailer, links provided to the right.  Oh, and if you haven’t signed up yet, click the Subscribe button to the right to join my mailing list.  Thanks!!