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Rock & Roll Curves – Love Her 2 Times

Rock and Roll Curves - Love Her 2 Times BlogOMG, I’m so happy to announce the release of part 2 of the Rock & Roll Curves series, Love Her 2 Times!  I really am quite giddy.  This story has it all.  From just the right amount of drama to scorching sex scenes to the several surprises that will leave you breathless.  My editor is pissed because I refuse to tell her what’s coming up in part 3.  I don’t blame her.  I know what’s going to happen and I still can’t wait!

Gage Tucker, lead singer of Dark Fire Love, broke Darcy’s heart in Reno but won it back in Las Vegas. Now, Darcy and Gage are an item and he’s coming back to Reno to do one last show before he goes big time. However, he’s got some competition. Booker Harrison, the Aussie lead singer of Buckshot, is opening up for Dark Fire Love and he’s not shy about showing his interest in Darcy’s luscious curves. However, Booker isn’t what he seems and soon Darcy finds herself in bed with both Gage and Booker, Gage’s old friend and one time lover. But a night of forbidden lust with two hot rock stars has Darcy confused and torn. She doesn’t want to hurt either man or get hurt herself but one bad decision tears everything apart and sends Darcy down a path she’s not entirely sure she wants to follow.

That blurb, like all good blurbs should, doesn’t even begin to reveal the shocking surprises in store.  You can pick up a copy at any retailer, except Apple for about 7 years because they hate romance (just get the Kindle app or buy the .epub at Smashwords or All Romance), by clicking the links to the right.  Don’t forget, if you love this story give it a great review.  One more thing, sign up for my newsletter to get emails about new releases and a new offer I’ll be rolling out very soon.

Happy Reading!


Indie Publishing for Readers – Part 2

indie publishingLast time I spoke about the difference between indie and traditional publishing.  This time I want to talk about one of the most complained about subjects, book length.  Yes, while most of my reviews are good, a fair amount of them mention length.  Wish it was longer, kind of short, etc.  So what about that?  Why don’t I write longer books besides the fact I have the attention span of a…ooh, something shiny 😉

Most publishing houses publish books that are novel length, generally 40,000 words and up.  Why do they do that?  Can you not tell a story with fewer words?  Of course you can.  It has to do with how the book is made and sold.  The expense of printing, marketing, shipping, etc. is pretty similar for a short book and a long book.  The money isn’t in the paper, it’s in the editing, cover art, marketing, etc., not to mention the authors royalties.

For a publisher to make a decent profit, it makes sense to publish novel length books.  They can charge more for a single book without spending too much more to print and ship it.   This is the model that came about in the last 100 years or so.  Remember, before modern printing, the paper and printing was the big cost and that Charles Dickens and many other writers wrote serials.  There may be other reasons but today with ebooks and print on demand, that is changing things again.

So, why do so many indie authors/publishers write 15, 20, 30 thousand word books?  Sometimes the story only needs that many and since we aren’t trying to meet some arbitrary page or word count, we stop.  Ever read a book and it seemed like it was 100 pages too long?  I know there are authors that pad their stories to meet a specific word count set by the publisher.  That’s only one reason though.

One main reason is that publishing shorter works makes us more money.  More books, especially when you’re new to the game, means more discoverability.  It’s more likely you’ll come across a D. H. Cameron book if I have four published instead of one.  There is also less risk for the author.  Writing an 80,000 word novel takes a lot of time and effort and if it flops, the writer is back to square one.  Writing a 25,000 word short with planned sequels take less time so there is less risk.  If the first part fails, the author can move on and hopefully the first part had a real ending.

Now, you might be thinking that readers get the short end of the stick.  You have to buy three books to get the whole story instead of one.  True, but this is where what’s good for authors meshes with what’s good for readers.  If I charge $7.99 for the novel and $2.99 for three shorts, you pay a dollar more for the three shorts.  But what if you don’t like my novel.  You’re out eight bucks.  If you didn’t like part one of my planned trilogy, you found that out for only three dollars and often only 99 cents since many authors price their trilogies that way (.99/2.99/2.99).

That’s huge.  Imagine buying a hard cover for 15 dollars and hating it.  Authors can write shorter stories to test the waters.  If it flops we can move on to another book.  The reader can do the same.  Plus, now I’ve got two-thirds of the story ahead of me.  I can react to reader comments and adjust the story to give readers what they want.  I can abandon the series if it doesn’t garner much interest and write something that does excite my readers.

It’s a win/win for authors and readers.  The ability to vary length allows indie authors a lot of freedom.  We can write series instead of novels.  We can try serials (like TV shows instead of movies – see Yesterday’s Gone for one of the best examples).  We can write collections of short stories.  Bottom line is playing with length opens up a whole bunch of possibilities to authors to tell better and different stories.  Movies and Television shows are delivered in these ways, so why not books?

Next time, I’ll get into series, collections, box sets and serials.  I’ll talk about the various ways we indies deliver content and what the advantages of each are.  Until next time…

Happy Reading!

Just a Quick Thank You!!!

Rock Hard Love Cover Blog Part 1Tonight, July 7th, Rock Hard Love hit Number 1 on the Amazon Erotica – Free list.  I’m not sure why this happened suddenly, but I’m thrilled.  This was my first book and I made it free to promote my other work.  I guess it’s working.  You have to give away a lot of books to make number 1.  Thanks to everyone that has picked up a free copy and especially to those that paid for a copy prior.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Rock & Roll Curves Goodness!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves, as the first in a series, is going on sale for 99 cents!  Yay!  Tell your friends, lovers, rock star boyfriends, your mom, everyone.  Rock & Roll curves has been a great success and I’m so thankful to all my readers for making it so.  You guys rock (pun intended)!!!  So this leads me to the second part of this post.  Rock & Roll Curves 2.

Except its not call part 2.  It’s called Rock & Roll Curves – On Tour.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this story gets deliciously complex in On Tour.  Why?  Well all I’m going to say is that our heroine Darcy smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. What’s hotter than two sexy rock stars fighting over a sexy plus-sized girl?  Well, you’re going to find out it just a couple of weeks.

No hard release date yet.  Lot’s of summer stuff going on and my editor is busy as well.  It will be out before I go on vacation in late July, however.  And speaking of July, have a safe and spectacular Independence Day!  Happy Birthday, America!!!

Sapphic Curves

Sapphic Curves Blog CoverI glad to be able to announce the publication of Sapphic Curves.  As I’ve stated in the past, this one is a little different.  You’ve got the introverted big girl.  You’ve got the strong willed hero but this time he is a she.  As you can imagine, confusion and drama ensue as our heroine is drawn to the sexy lesbian that sees something in our heroine she can’t see herself.

You never know how love will find you but Emily didn’t think it would ever find her at all. She had given up on love and slipped into a dreary and lonely existence. That is until someone saw something more, something deep inside, something special within Emily. However, that person wasn’t who or what Emily expected. Not even close.  Margo is sultry, sexy and sensuous. She’s also a lesbian and she can’t help herself when it comes to Emily. Margo insists that under Emily’s drab and boring exterior there lurks a “wild bitch” just waiting to escape and enjoy life. But a night of forbidden passion leaves Emily shaken and questioning everything she knows. Can Emily look past the labels and find love or will her fears cause her to withdraw even further?

This story is a little different but it follows many of the same themes you see in hetero erotic romance.  An unsure big girl, a sexy hero, or heroine in this case, a happy ending and plenty of satisfying sex.  I hope you’ll give this one a chance.  Who knows, you might even like it.  Love is blind as they say.  And don’t worry, I’ve got lot’s Big Girls & Bad Boys tales on the way. 😉

Happy Reading!

Rock & Roll Curves – Available Now!!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogI am proud to announce the release of Rock & Roll Curves, the latest in my Big Girls & Bad Boys collection.  Rock & Roll Curves is nearly 20,000 words of yummy goodness.  I’ve got a good feeling you will love this book.  I hope so, I’m desperate to write more!  The story is romantic, the heroine sassy and the hero is oh so deliciously bad.

Darcy loves rock & roll. Now her rock & roll dreams are coming true as Gage Tucker, lead singer of Dark Fire Love invites her to his suite after the show.  What follows is a night of passion that Darcy could only imagine until then as Gage takes control, ties her up and pleasures her to her limits.  But the next morning, Darcy wakes up alone without so much as a goodbye.  Despite fulfilling a fantasy, Darcy feels used and feels like Gage took advantage.  She feels like he picked her because he thought she’d be desperate enough to give in to his torrid whims. Gage seemed to enjoy Darcy’s curves but now she’s not so sure.  But when a driver appears at Darcy’s door with a note from Gage asking her to join him in Vegas, Darcy has to decide what to do.  Will Darcy stubbornly reject Gage’s request or will she risk her pride to live out her rock & roll fantasies?

Rock & Roll Curves is available for sale at all the usual retailers (except Apple, they still haven’t published Softail Curves III 😦 ).  Click on the links to the right to be whisked to my author page at your favorite retailer.  Remember to give Rock & Roll Curves a positive review.  Not only does the help me, it helps other readers find my books and let’s me know what you love.  You can also sign up for my newsletter and find out about all my new releases right in your inbox.

Happy Reading!!

Back to My Roots!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogI’ve laid a few eggs.  Produced a few duds.  I can admit that.  I like to experiment and sometimes things aren’t as exciting to my readers as they are to me.  So sue me!  But this time, I’ve gone back to what started it all for me, or rather the two whats that started it all.  Rock Hard Love and Softail Curves.  With that in mind, I’ve written something that combines the best of both and that is called, Rock & Roll Curves.

This story has the big girl, the bad boy rock star, the amazing sex and the great story.  At nearly 20,000 words, Rock & Roll Curves is everything any self respecting reader of erotic romance would want in a story.  If I do say so myself, the sex is the most inspired I’ve yet written.  It’s sexy, rough, immediate and so satisfying.  The girl is sassy, yet somewhat insecure.  The male lead is strong and in control.

Rock & Roll Curves is due out this week!  I’ll post when it is available but I’m shooting to have it on sale the biggies (Amazon, B&N and All Romance) on Wednesday.  I’m really excited about this.  If you enjoyed Simone and James in the Rock Hard series or Shauna and Dutch in Softail Curves, you’re going to love this.  My beta readers raved about it and I hope you love it as much as they did.

Happy reading!!