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Rock & Roll Curves – Love Her 2 Times

Rock and Roll Curves - Love Her 2 Times BlogOMG, I’m so happy to announce the release of part 2 of the Rock & Roll Curves series, Love Her 2 Times!  I really am quite giddy.  This story has it all.  From just the right amount of drama to scorching sex scenes to the several surprises that will leave you breathless.  My editor is pissed because I refuse to tell her what’s coming up in part 3.  I don’t blame her.  I know what’s going to happen and I still can’t wait!

Gage Tucker, lead singer of Dark Fire Love, broke Darcy’s heart in Reno but won it back in Las Vegas. Now, Darcy and Gage are an item and he’s coming back to Reno to do one last show before he goes big time. However, he’s got some competition. Booker Harrison, the Aussie lead singer of Buckshot, is opening up for Dark Fire Love and he’s not shy about showing his interest in Darcy’s luscious curves. However, Booker isn’t what he seems and soon Darcy finds herself in bed with both Gage and Booker, Gage’s old friend and one time lover. But a night of forbidden lust with two hot rock stars has Darcy confused and torn. She doesn’t want to hurt either man or get hurt herself but one bad decision tears everything apart and sends Darcy down a path she’s not entirely sure she wants to follow.

That blurb, like all good blurbs should, doesn’t even begin to reveal the shocking surprises in store.  You can pick up a copy at any retailer, except Apple for about 7 years because they hate romance (just get the Kindle app or buy the .epub at Smashwords or All Romance), by clicking the links to the right.  Don’t forget, if you love this story give it a great review.  One more thing, sign up for my newsletter to get emails about new releases and a new offer I’ll be rolling out very soon.

Happy Reading!


Rock & Roll Curves Goodness!

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves, as the first in a series, is going on sale for 99 cents!  Yay!  Tell your friends, lovers, rock star boyfriends, your mom, everyone.  Rock & Roll curves has been a great success and I’m so thankful to all my readers for making it so.  You guys rock (pun intended)!!!  So this leads me to the second part of this post.  Rock & Roll Curves 2.

Except its not call part 2.  It’s called Rock & Roll Curves – On Tour.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this story gets deliciously complex in On Tour.  Why?  Well all I’m going to say is that our heroine Darcy smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. What’s hotter than two sexy rock stars fighting over a sexy plus-sized girl?  Well, you’re going to find out it just a couple of weeks.

No hard release date yet.  Lot’s of summer stuff going on and my editor is busy as well.  It will be out before I go on vacation in late July, however.  And speaking of July, have a safe and spectacular Independence Day!  Happy Birthday, America!!!

Softail Curves II is Out!

Softail Curves II Cover BlogAs promised, Softail Curves II has been released.  Softail Curves, the original, has been so popular I couldn’t put a sequel off any longer than it took to write, edit and format.  I think Part II is a worthy followup, with an evolving storyline, real danger and, as I’m sure we all wanted, a glimpse into who Dutch really is.  I know I as eager to find out, or at least put the man in my head on paper.

Shauna left her old, stifling life behind after meeting Dutch, the biker with the sexy blue eyes. She embraced the lifestyle Dutch and his friends, Locke and Sheila, had shown her. They were getting Shauna in trouble, the fun kind, and she loved every moment. However, when Shauna goes too far and lets her newfound freedom get the best of her with another biker, she invites real trouble into her relationship with Dutch.

His tepid reaction to her transgression causes her to doubt herself and her relationship but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  It’s not only her relationship with Dutch that is threatened but her life and Dutch’s. Passion leads to dangers that Shauna never expected and only Dutch can protect her. Even if they can survive the threat to their lives and their emerging love, there is one more thing that might tear Shauna and Dutch apart. His true feelings.

I will warn my readers.  This is a cliffhanger!  The sex is also a little rough and exciting.  Some readers complained about some of it, though they all seem to like the book, so I hope I’ve conveyed a more loving and playful feel in Softail Curves II.  It’s all play and Shauna likes it.  Promise!  You can pick up Softail Curves II where ever you normally buy books, easily accessed with the links to the right.  If you can’t find it, it’s still publishing.  Give it a few hours.  All the retailers will have it for purchase by the weekend, except Apple. 😦  They are slow, slow slow!

Amazon Top 100 and an All Romance Best Seller

Big Girl Biker Cover BlogThis is a big shout out to all my fans and readers.  Thank you for making Softail Curves an Amazon Top 100 in Erotica and a best seller on All Romance eBooks.  I am humbled by the reaction.  So far Softail Curves has peaked at number 69 on the Top 100 list on Amazon.  No I didn’t make that ranking up but the irony is not lost on me.  The book has also been ranked near 1400 overall in the Amazon store.  Amazing.

On All Romance eBooks, Softail curves is a best seller in their Rubenesque category.  They are obviously much smaller than Amazon but my sales have been nothing short of spectacular there.  Again, thank you.  Now all you Kobo and Nook people, you’re lagging behind 😉  I’m not on Apple yet, but it’s in the pipeline, though sales there are slow for Rock Hard Love.  They are a tough nut.

So, all of that good news means…I’m working my butt off.  I published Rock Hard Envy right after Softail Curves and now I’ve put off Rock Hard Bliss, the third part of the Rock Hard series, to focus on Parts II and III of Softail Curves.  Part II is written, it’s all I’ve done the last few days, and is probably going to be out within a week to ten days.  Part III is plotted and I will write it soon.  But Rock Hard fans, don’t worry.  That is being worked on too and should be out in late March or Early April.  I’m busy but its a great problem to have.  Thanks again!!!

Rock Hard Envy is Available!

Rock Hard Envy Cover BlogOr soon will be.  It’s up on Amazon right now and should start showing up everywhere else very soon.  Some retailers (Apple, Kobo, Smashwords) might be a few days.  If you can’t find it, just click right here.  Sometimes it takes a while for books to show up in searches on Amazon even though it’s up for sale.  Whew!

Also up for sale, and kicking bootie after just three days, is Softail Curves.  That is live everywhere except Apple.  It’s only 99 cents (I know how much you romance fans love a cheap read 😉 ).  It’s also on the Hot New Release list on Amazon.  I’m amazed!  Thank you all so much.  I really do love knowing you all are enjoying my work and I thank those of you who’ve written comments on the blog.  You’re the greatest.

Big Girl Biker Cover BlogNow I’m looking forward to a small break before embarking on Part 3, Rock Hard Bliss.  The third book in the Rock Hard Series will focus more on the external problems that threaten Simone and James as a couple, namely Vickie.  God, I hate that woman 🙂   She can be a real bitch and and she shows it in Rock Hard Bliss.  Be on the lookout for more Big Girls & Bad Boys titles too.

Again, thanks to all my readers and fans for reading.  I’d love to hear from you.  Comments, suggestions, ideas, whatever.  Don’t be shy.  And don’t forget, if you read one of my books and you like it, leave a positive review wherever you picked it up.  Reviews drive readers to books.  You’re not only helping me figure out what you like to read, but you’re helping others find my books.  Win-win.

Rock Hard Envy – Part 2 is in the Can!

Rock Hard Envy Cover BlogI’m excited to announce that I’ve finished the first draft of Rock Hard Envy, the follow up to Rock Hard Love.  I love the story.  It’s got plenty of conflict, more hot sex and a brand new villain.  I’m not giving much away now, but If you liked Rock Hard Love, you’ll love Rock Hard Envy.

So now the draft is off for editing, then rewrites and more editing.  It stands at over 28,000 words and I’m guessing the final draft will come in at well over 30,000.  Thanks to everyone that made Rock Hard Love a success and have allowed me to write the follow up.  I’m really excited about releasing part 2 and beginning work on part 3.

When I have a firm release date, I’ll let everyone know, but it’s looking like mid to late February.  Know that I’m working hard to get Hard Rock Envy out as soon as I possibly can.