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Summertime and the Writing’s Easy

Actually, it’s not that easy.  I’ve already taken a short vacation this summer and I have another planned in late July.  I’ve got kid’s at home and I want to spend some time with them.  That means that my releases might slow a bit.  I usually try to publish two books a month but I’m afraid this summer, one will be all I can manage.  This month it’s Sapphic Curves.  Next Month it’s the second part of Rock & Roll Curves, a planned trilogy.

In August, I’m thinking I’ll start a new series.  I’m not entirely sure what that will be, but I’ve got a few ideas brewing.  Then in late August when the kids go back to school, I’ll probably be able to get back to a more frequent release schedule.  I just wanted you to know.  I’m working hard to bring you new releases, but there’s only so many hours in the day.  I hope you have a great summer!

Happy Reading!


Indie Publishing for Readers – Part 1

indie publishingI’ve always wanted to talk about publishing and writing and so I’m beginning with independent publishing (self-publishing or indie publishing).  I want to give my readers and fans a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes.  I’m not here to make excuses or try to sell anyone on indie publishing as opposed to traditional publishing.  Both have their places and both serve a need.  However, there are some realities that I want to pass along to help readers understand why things are they way they are.  This will be a series though how many parts it will contain I have no idea.

First off, traditional publishers have a lot of control over their product and they are still focused on real books.  They have total control over pricing, length, subject and almost total editorial control.  For instance, I’ve seen an author explain to a fan when they were asked why a certain character was no longer present in a sequel that the publisher demanded the character be removed.  Authors are usually at the whim of the publishers wants and needs in the traditional publishing model.

Indie publishers, usually a single writer self-publishing, has total control…almost. Continue reading

How to Find Paid and Free Erotica – Free!!!

I’ve been collaborating with fellow authors (though I did very little actual work) on a new how-to title.  How to Find Paid and Free Erotica is your guide to finding all the sexy erotic romance and searing hot smut your little heart desires.  Many retailers make it hard for readers to find sexy stories that so many women (and men) crave.  Apple is probably the worst offender but Amazon isn’t far behind.

Other sites just have poor search engines that make finding what you want difficult at best.  Kobo books is the best example.  How to Find Paid and Free Erotica is your guide to navigating the filters and censorship to find what your looking for.  We all have fantasies and some are rather dirty but no one should ever feel bad about it.  Unfortunately, many book retailers don’t agree but now you can have the tools you need to find what you want to read no matter what it is.  Thumbing your nose at them when you do it is optional.

Grab a free copy and get the ammo you need to fight back against the knuckleheads at Apple, Amazon and others who think it’s their duty to decide what you should and shouldn’t read.  You can find How to Find Paid and Free Erotica free at most retailers but I’ve provided the link to Amazon (that’s where most of us buy ebooks).  For the record, I don’t make any money from this and neither does anyone else.  It’s free and provided as a service to readers.

Happy reading and thanks to the peeps that made this happen!  You know who you are 😉

Get Rock Hard Love for Free – March 3-9

Rock Hard Love Cover Blog Part 1Smashwords is having it’s annual Read and Ebook Week.  Rock Hard Love is free starting today, Monday, March 3rd, through Friday, March 9th.  Just surf on over to Smashwords and use the coupon code RW100 at checkout.  You can get instructions on how to load the various formats onto you’re device here.

Buying ebooks is easier on Amazon, B&N, etc., but Smashwords sells most of the self-published ebooks on the market, they pay authors more and most importantly, they support independent authors and freedom of speech.  Last year when PayPal attempted to censor ebooks, Smashwords stood tall and fought for authors while other retailers threw us under the bus.

I’m not telling you where to shop but while you’re there, check the site out.  Tell your friends that many, many books are free there this week and pick up a few yourself.  Most importantly, tell them my book is free. 😉  Spread the word, tweet it from the roof tops.  Go grab some free books!!  If you want, go back and buy your books there and support a good company that supports authors.

Rock Hard Love for Free!!