Big Girls & Bad Boys

The Big Girls & Bad Boys collection is exactly what it sounds like.  Sexy, plus-sized heroines and hot bad boy heroes.  The stories are shorter, perfect for reading during your lunch break or as you settle into bed at night, and hot.  Plenty of romance with an erotic sizzle.  This series will appeal to just about anyone that enjoys erotic romance.  New titles and sequels are in the works.  Click the cover to buy or use the links to the right.

Big Girl Biker Cover BlogSoftail Curves – Only 99 cents! – Shauna lived a sheltered life believing she was satisfied with her urban existence. That is until Dutch, a biker totally out of his element, took a liking to her. Shauna knew she shouldn’t be interested in the biker with the sexy blue eyes, but she was.

Still, she couldn’t believe that a guy like Dutch would find a big girl like her sexy. However, the way he drank in her curves, the way he pursued her and the way he took control made her believe that he really did. If only Shauna’s best friend, Becky, would stop lecturing her and let Shauna have a little fun.

Softail Curves II Cover Blogoftail Curves II – $2.99 – When Shauna goes too far and lets her new found freedom get the best of her with another biker, she invites real trouble into her relationship with Dutch. His tepid reaction to her transgression causes her to doubt herself and her relationship but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not only her relationship with Dutch that is threatened but her life and Dutch’s. Passion leads to dangers that Shauna never expected and only Dutch can protect her. Even if they can survive the threat to their lives and their emerging love, there is one more thing that might tear Shauna and Dutch apart. His true feelings.

Softail Curves III Cover BlogSoftail Curves III – $2.99 – When Dutch suddenly professed his love and asked Shauna to marry him, she wanted to accept.  However, the fear and doubt took over and now Shauna finds herself alone and back in her old life having told Dutch they are through.

Her old friend Becky tries to set her up with another guy but he’s nothing compared to Dutch.  Shauna still can’t bring herself to go back to the biker with the sexy blue eyes though.  Her fears and pride won’t allow it.  Dutch, however, isn’t going to go down without a fight for the woman he loves.  Can he convince Shauna she’s the love of his life and can she shed her doubts and accept Dutch’s proposal?

Santa Cruz Curves Cover Blog

Santa Cruz Curves – $2.99 – Nina is out of her element.  Santa Cruz, California is the last place the curvy black girl from Chicago ever expected to end up and she doesn’t feel like she fits in.  Even less likely is the sexy local surfer, Cody, who takes an immediate liking to her lush body and chocolate skin.

Cody is a surfer and she can hardly believe the things he wants her to do in the back of his VW bus or how eager she is.   However, Nina isn’t in California by choice.  She’s running from her ex-boyfriend Lucas who just showed up to cause trouble.  Is Cody interested enough to stand up to Lucas or will Nina have to deal with her obsessive ex on her own?

Pitching Curves Cover BlogPitching Curves – $2.99 – Penny thought she was happily married, at least until she found her husband screwing his sexy redheaded intern. Now she finds herself alone, depressed and raising two teenagers while her ex is having the time of his life with his new girlfriend.

One chance encounter leads to another and Penny is stunned to find herself in the arms of a hot, young man. Steve is almost young enough to be her son but he makes her feel so good. He’s a Major League pitcher with a bad boy reputation and has a thing for older gals with curves. But just when everything seems to be going well, Penny’s ex begins to stir up trouble that could spell disaster for everyone involved.

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves – Only 99 cents! – Darcy loves rock & roll.  She loves the music, the lifestyle and especially the men that make it.  However, her best friend, Tiff, with the perfect body gets all the attention.  That is until Gage Tucker, lead singer of Dark Fire Love, comes to town.  They wind up back in his suite where Darcy has the night of her life.

However, Darcy wakes up to find Gage is long gone. She feels used and wonders if her weight made her an easy mark.  A fantasy come true becomes a bad dream until Gage begs Darcy to come see him Las Vegas.  He can’t get her lush curves out of his mind.  Can Darcy forgive the sexy rock star for hurting her or will she let her pride rule the day?

Sapphic Curves Blog CoverSapphic Curves – $2.99 – You never know how love will find you but Emily didn’t think it would ever find her at all.  She had given up on love.  That is until someone saw something more, something deep inside, something special within Emily.  However, that person wasn’t who or what Emily expected.  Not even close.

Margo is a lesbian and she can’t help herself when it comes to Emily.  Margo insists that under Emily’s drab and boring exterior there lurks a “wild bitch” just waiting to escape.  But a night of passion leaves Emily shaken and questioning everything she knows.  Can Emily look past the labels and find love or will her fears cause her to withdraw even further?


4 thoughts on “Big Girls & Bad Boys

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      Thank you! Yes, it’s written and being edited. it will likely be out with a week to ten days. Glad you liked parts I & II. Part III is longer and will finish the story.


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