D. H. Cameron enjoys writing stories with a heart and a little, or a lot, of erotic sizzle.  Ms. Cameron also writes fantasy under another pen name.  Besides writing, Ms. Cameron enjoys music, specifically hard rock and heavy metal, cooking, clothes and photography.  Ms. Cameron is happily married with two wonderful children.  Home, where Ms. Cameron writes full time, is in Nevada.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlotte Jennings

    Just read Softail Curves and I LOVED IT!! Can’t wait for the next book…..will you continue Shauna & Dutch’s story and what about Locke & Shelia will you continue their story as well?
    I just love stories where the big girl gets the guy!!

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      Yes, at least one sequel is planned. Dutch is pretty mysterious in this one, but in the next one we get to find out what makes him tick. Of course, Locke and Sheila will be in it. Every heroine needs a best friend and body shots are so much fun 😉 Glad you liked it and these Big Girls & Bad Boys stories will just keep coming. I just love BBW and bad boys, too.

  2. Trish

    I read Rock and Roll Curves 1 & 2 and they where so good and fun I can’t wait till you have the 3rd one come out and I hope she gets her singing going first to prove to herself and every one she did it on her own. But you make her feel good about her and being curery is not easy when everyone does put you down for it. But I really think you are so damn awesome for your books. Thanks again


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