Pitching Curves – Out Later This Week!

Pitching Curves Cover BlogI resolved to get two titles out this month and I’m failing miserably.  But I have an excuse, no really.  I began writing what I thought would be a 15,000 word title and it turned into nearly 30,000.  That titles is called Pitching Curves.

I’ve ditched the young, big girl meets young, bad boy and opted for the older, curvy divorcee meets bad boy instead.  In this case, she caught her husband screwing his sexy intern and now a year later she’s beginning to heal.  Then she spies a hot guy at the pizza parlor who catches her staring.  He happens to be a Major League pitcher and…well, you can find out later this week.

Rock and Roll Curves Cover BlogRock & Roll Curves is all but written too.  See, I’ve been busy!  This one should make it out by the end of the month.  It’s not Simone and James.  This one has its share of rock star sex, but the story is totally different.  If this doesn’t make it out by the 31st, expect it in very early June.  Of course, both titles will be announced on here once they are for sale.  If you want to know directly, sign up for my newsletter.  The link it over to the right.

Happy Reading!!


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