Santa Cruz Curves…Like Totally, Dude!

Santa Cruz Curves Cover BlogSanta Cruz Curves is out and available for purchase just about everywhere or will be very soon. (Apple will be a week or so 😦 ).  This is the third book in my Big Girls & Bad Boys series and then second original story (the other two are Softail Curves I & II).  This one is a little different.  The big girl is not only curvy, but African American (black, if you will) and the bad boy isn’t rough and dominant.  He’s what you would expect from a surfer.  Laid back and a little kinky.

Nina is out of her element.  Santa Cruz, California is the last place the curvy black girl from Chicago ever expected to end up and she doesn’t feel like she fits in.  Even less likely is the sexy local surfer, Cody, who takes an immediate liking to her lush body and chocolate skin. Cody is your typical laid-back California surfer with a taste for big, shapely girls like Nina.  She can hardly believe the things he wants her to do in the back of his VW bus or how eager she is to do them.  Cody makes her feel sexy and desirable in ways no man back home ever managed.  He makes her feel like she fits in out west.

However, Nina isn’t in California by choice.  She’s running from her past and that past, her ex-boyfriend Lucas, just showed up to drag her back to Chicago.  Is Cody interested enough to stand up to Lucas or will Nina have to deal with her obsessive ex on her own?

Santa Cruz Curves is a different take on the whole bad boy erotic romance but that doesn’t mean Cody is any less sexy or the story is any less satisfying.  I hope you enjoy the story and I warn you, this one has a few surprises.  Get your copy today at your favorite retailer, links provided to the right.  Oh, and if you haven’t signed up yet, click the Subscribe button to the right to join my mailing list.  Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Curves…Like Totally, Dude!

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      Your welcome! Santa Cruz Curves is a stand alone. As far as the collection, Big Girls & Bad Boys, who knows. Softail Curves wasn’t supposed to be a trilogy until it took off. If demand is there, I’ve always got a few ideas with every book that could turn it into a series.


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