Amazon Policy Change Might Affect Readers

Seems like Amazon has changed their policy on categorizing books.  Specifically Erotica books.  In he past, Amazon would not let an author place a title in a second category if one of those categories was Erotica.  However, you could get it done but you had to ask Amazon to do it manually.  I suppose that made sense and kept all the breeding, daddy and menage erotica out of the Romance categories while allowing  Erotic Romances like my books.  For the record, I have nothing against Erotica and I bet a lot you don’t either.

As of about a week ago, Amazon no longer allows books in the Erotica category to be categorized in another category under any circumstances.  That is going to force Erotic Romance into either Erotica or Romance.  I have no idea if Amazon will strip categories from books already categorized in both categories.  In any case, if you browse by category or browse the best selling lists you may have to browse both Erotica and Romance to find books like mine as now authors will be forced to choose either Romance or Erotica.

This will make it harder for you, the reader, to find what you want to read.  I’m not sure what the point of this is and it might lead to further changes that will be advantageous, but who knows?  Amazon isn’t very forthcoming about such things.  To me, Amazon is trying to further marginalize books with erotic content despite the incredible popularity of these titles.  Whatever it is, I want you to know my books will be in the Erotica category.  The majority of my books are sold from that category so it makes sense.  As for other authors, that will be up to them.

If this kind of subtle and back door (not not that kind of back door 😉 ) censorship bothers you, contact Amazon here and let them know you don’t approve of this move and you want them to make it easier for you to find the books you want to read regardless of content.  Only you should decide what you want to read, not some suit in a corporate office.  OK, back to the fun now.


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