Get Rock Hard Love for Free – March 3-9

Rock Hard Love Cover Blog Part 1Smashwords is having it’s annual Read and Ebook Week.  Rock Hard Love is free starting today, Monday, March 3rd, through Friday, March 9th.  Just surf on over to Smashwords and use the coupon code RW100 at checkout.  You can get instructions on how to load the various formats onto you’re device here.

Buying ebooks is easier on Amazon, B&N, etc., but Smashwords sells most of the self-published ebooks on the market, they pay authors more and most importantly, they support independent authors and freedom of speech.  Last year when PayPal attempted to censor ebooks, Smashwords stood tall and fought for authors while other retailers threw us under the bus.

I’m not telling you where to shop but while you’re there, check the site out.  Tell your friends that many, many books are free there this week and pick up a few yourself.  Most importantly, tell them my book is free. 😉  Spread the word, tweet it from the roof tops.  Go grab some free books!!  If you want, go back and buy your books there and support a good company that supports authors.

Rock Hard Love for Free!!


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