Softail Curves II is Out!

Softail Curves II Cover BlogAs promised, Softail Curves II has been released.  Softail Curves, the original, has been so popular I couldn’t put a sequel off any longer than it took to write, edit and format.  I think Part II is a worthy followup, with an evolving storyline, real danger and, as I’m sure we all wanted, a glimpse into who Dutch really is.  I know I as eager to find out, or at least put the man in my head on paper.

Shauna left her old, stifling life behind after meeting Dutch, the biker with the sexy blue eyes. She embraced the lifestyle Dutch and his friends, Locke and Sheila, had shown her. They were getting Shauna in trouble, the fun kind, and she loved every moment. However, when Shauna goes too far and lets her newfound freedom get the best of her with another biker, she invites real trouble into her relationship with Dutch.

His tepid reaction to her transgression causes her to doubt herself and her relationship but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  It’s not only her relationship with Dutch that is threatened but her life and Dutch’s. Passion leads to dangers that Shauna never expected and only Dutch can protect her. Even if they can survive the threat to their lives and their emerging love, there is one more thing that might tear Shauna and Dutch apart. His true feelings.

I will warn my readers.  This is a cliffhanger!  The sex is also a little rough and exciting.  Some readers complained about some of it, though they all seem to like the book, so I hope I’ve conveyed a more loving and playful feel in Softail Curves II.  It’s all play and Shauna likes it.  Promise!  You can pick up Softail Curves II where ever you normally buy books, easily accessed with the links to the right.  If you can’t find it, it’s still publishing.  Give it a few hours.  All the retailers will have it for purchase by the weekend, except Apple. 😦  They are slow, slow slow!


10 thoughts on “Softail Curves II is Out!

      1. trish tess

        LOL! You caught me on a night where I couldn’t find anything to read….I was R-E-A-D-Y!! 🙂

      2. dhcameronauthor Post author

        I’m really sorry. I don’t expect readers to jump on it that quick. I’ve learned my lesson. I wont’ blog about it until it’s really for sale. Hope you like it.

      3. trish tess

        Its all good 🙂 Be thrilled we love your work so much 🙂
        Hey! Thanks for the freebie 🙂 Ive never used Smashwords so that will be something new. Looking forward to it!

      4. dhcameronauthor Post author

        I am thrilled you and my other fans love my works so much. I can’t thank all of you enough.

        Smashwords allows me to give away freebies but you can get versions that can be read on just about any device. It’s pretty easy to load the book onto you Kindle too. They even have instruction or you can do it from iTunes now.

      1. dhcameronauthor Post author

        Sorry. I’m in a teasing mood after writing about Dutch. Hehe 😉 It’s publishing but it’s not for sale yet. Sometimes it takes longer that others.

  1. Charlotte Jennings

    Loved this book!! Will it be a trilogy? Will we hear more from Shauna, Dutch, Locke and Sheila? Again…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!! 🙂

    Which I could find a guy like Dutch with friends like Locke & Sheila!! LOL!! 😉

    You make the stories so hard to put down! GREAT reads!

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      Wow! Thank you. I’m flattered. There will be a part III and maybe even a prequel about Locke and Sheila and how they met. Sheila is quite wild and I’m sure it would be interesting to explore that. I’m also pretty sure she will corrupt Shauna even further in Part III.

      If you don’t mind me asking, I’d really appreciate it if you left a review (assuming you haven’t already). They stroke my ego 😉 and they help other readers know that the book is worth a read. In any case, I appreciate the kind words and I hope you continue to enjoy my books.


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