A Little Sunday Housekeeping

Just a few notes about Cameron Romance and the blog.  First off, I have begun a mailing list.  You can join by clicking here or using the link to the right.  I promise I wont be sending out spam and I won’t be pestering you constantly filling up your box…your email box that is.  Geez, I sound like an oversexed biker or rock star 😉  Its a great way to find out about new releases, sales and freebies without having to check out the blog daily.   In fact, I’ll send the first five subscribers a free copy of my next book!

Next, the pages at the top labeled Rock Hard Series and Big Girls & Bad Boys are now full of content.  Links to my books (I’ve got Amazon and will be getting the other stores up soon), descriptions and cover art.  As new books are published they will end up on those pages.  If you aren’t sure if you’ve read all of my books, that’s the best place to check and see what’s available.

Speaking of new books, here’s a run down of what is in the works.  First off, I’ve written a sequel to Softail Curves and I’ve plotted out a third volume that will tie up the story.  These, like the first one, are a roller coaster ride with things I promise you won’t expect, in the bedroom and out.

Next, I’m gearing up to begin writing the third installment of the Rock Hard series, Rock Hard Bliss.  I’ve got a general plot and some interesting subplots.  This installment will finish the story arc, but I’ve got some more plans for the characters beyond Part 3.  We’ll see how things go, but Rock Hard Bliss is planned for an April release, pushed back a bit due to the unexpected success of Softail Curves.

A new title in the Big Girls & Bad Boys collection is about half done.  It’s called Santa Cruz Curves (I’ve got a titling theme going there).  This one involves a plus-sized black girl from Chicago who winds up in Santa Cruz, California and draws the interest of a local surfer.  She’s a fish out of water, so to speak, with a secret past she doesn’t want to talk about.  Cody, our surfer, isn’t as intense as Dutch, but he’s still trouble…in a good way.

Finally, I’ve got a full-length novel in the works.  No idea when it might be finished (or started for that matter) but it involves and American girl working in Cuba in the late 1950’s and a Cuban cigar tycoon that are caught up first with the mob and then the Cuban Revolution.  That’s all you get for now.

So, that’s it.  You’re up to date on the happenings around Cameron Romance.  As always, I’m so appreciative of my fans.  I’m so happy my books are being enjoyed and I hope to keep entertaining my fans, both existing and those to come.  Over and out!


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