News: Rock Hard Love is on Sale for 99 cents!!

My firstRock Hard Love Cover Blog Part 1 novel, Rock Hard Love, is on sale in celebration of Part 2 being released very soon.  Now you can get over 28,000 words of rock star goodness for only 99 cents.  And as a special gift to my fans, Part 2, entitled Rock Hard Envy, will be priced at only $2.99.  There are lots of other authors out there asking a lot more for their books but I’d rather sell a lot of books and let as many people as I can read my stories.

For those interested in a sneak peak at Rock Hard Envy, here goes.  A month has passed and Simone has fallen for James.  However, trouble isn’t far away when Jame’s ex-wife appears and starts wedging herself between Simone and James.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Victoria, affectionately known as The Fraulein, is causing trouble for Simone’s new job as Battery’s agent and she’s managing to stay a step ahead of our heroine and her rock star boyfriend.

I enjoyed writing Rock Hard Envy as much as I did Part 1.  The characters seem like family now and I want to see James and Simone survive as badly as anyone.  But boy, I’m making it tough. 😉  I promise Rock Hard Envy will leave you weak in the knees and wanting more and you’ll be surprised at the twists and turns.  Like dating a rock star, Rock Hard Envy is a bumpy but very fun ride.


2 thoughts on “News: Rock Hard Love is on Sale for 99 cents!!

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      I’m working on Part 3, Rock Hard Bliss, right now. I’m hopeful it will be out by the end of April or Early May at the latest. I will post about it once I have the release pinned down.

      I’m so glad you liked the story. It means a lot to know readers enjoy what I write. Thanks!


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