Rock Hard Envy – Part 2 is in the Can!

Rock Hard Envy Cover BlogI’m excited to announce that I’ve finished the first draft of Rock Hard Envy, the follow up to Rock Hard Love.  I love the story.  It’s got plenty of conflict, more hot sex and a brand new villain.  I’m not giving much away now, but If you liked Rock Hard Love, you’ll love Rock Hard Envy.

So now the draft is off for editing, then rewrites and more editing.  It stands at over 28,000 words and I’m guessing the final draft will come in at well over 30,000.  Thanks to everyone that made Rock Hard Love a success and have allowed me to write the follow up.  I’m really excited about releasing part 2 and beginning work on part 3.

When I have a firm release date, I’ll let everyone know, but it’s looking like mid to late February.  Know that I’m working hard to get Hard Rock Envy out as soon as I possibly can.


2 thoughts on “Rock Hard Envy – Part 2 is in the Can!

    1. dhcameronauthor Post author

      It won’t be long now. I’m looking at probably early next week. I was kind of targeting Valentine’s Day, but the flu set everything back a week of so. Boooo! Of course, the release will be posted here the day it goes live.


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