Rock Hard Love is a Best Seller and in Paperback!

Rock Hard Love Cover blogThis week Rock Hard Love went up for sale on All Romance Ebooks (ARe) and is already a best seller!  Wow!  I’m thrilled.  Thanks ARe shoppers.  I appreciate the support and I hope you love the story.

OK, enough back patting.  Rock Hard love is also available in paperback now.  With a day or so you will have the choice to by an ebook or the paperback exclusively at Amazon or you can get the paperback here right now.  Now you have a choice!!  Remember, you can get the eBook at all the retailers listed to the right.

A few more items.  It could be weeks before Rock Hard Love is available on the Apple iBooks store.  I’m trying very hard to make that happen faster.  In the meantime, if you read in iBooks you can download an .epub from ARe or Smashwords and just drop the file into iTunes.  One more thing, I was working on another book, but I’ve tabled that in favor of working on Part 2 of the Rock Hard series.  Look for it in February!

*Update* – I may have Rock Hard Love published on Apple by the end of the weekend.  Cross your fingers.


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